Evolution S4 Control Unit

The S4 Control Unit has Dual Hoppers (2 x 30kg capacity) and Dual Mixing Bowls allowing it to dispense 2 different types of Calf Milk Replacer thus offering more diverse nutritional programs. When used with 4 Feed Stalls this system automatically feeds up to 140 calves. Each Feed Stall can be located up to 7m from the Control Unit. Complete with a 7 Inch touch screen the S4 Control Unit effectively monitors individual calf feeds and highlights feed performance via the simple traffic light system. Calves that do not consume their allocated feed are quickly identified for closer inspection.

Key Features:
  • Feeds up to 4 calves simultaneously.

  • Operator friendly.

  • Easy to calibrate.

  • Quick calf registration.

  • Fly protection screen.

  • Fully Automatic Cleaning Cycle.

  • Dual Hoppers.

  • Visual display of calf performance.

  • Multiple Feeding Curves offering diverse nutritional programs.






S4 Evolution Automatic Calf Feeder Control Unit

Dimensions (mm):

902 D x 740 W x 1263 H


Up to 140 calves


132 KG


View our Evolution Automatic Calf Feeder in action