Evolution S4 Control Unit

The S4 is an ideal solution for larger and expanding sized herds allowing you to reduce the time and labour required for rearing up to 140 calves by as much as 60%.

Provides regular access to fresh, temperature controlled and consistently mixed milk for calves which results in faster growth rates and heavier calves at weaning. Facilitating exceptional early rumen development resulting in increased growth rates with better vitality and fertility for their entire lifespan.

This fully automated feeding system offers significant hygienic benefits for calf rearing. The fully automated hot cleaning cycle with detergent maintains the highest standard of hygiene without any additional labour.

The 7-inch touch-screen allows you to monitor calves’ performance. The traffic light system identifies calves that haven’t consumed their full daily allocation and marks them for further inspection.

Flexibility is of great importance to the modern farmer. Our Evolution App offers advanced connectivity offering you the chance to monitor your calves anywhere 24/7.





S4 Evolution Automatic Calf Feeder Control Unit

Dimensions (mm):

902 D x 740 W x 1263 H


Up to 140 calves


132 KG


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