Evolution Feed Stall

Feed Stalls are universal and can be used with both the S2 and S4 Control Units thus offering versality for growing herds. It reads RFID ear tags and works with the Control Unit to dispense feed to the individual calves in a safe and hygienic manner. Changeable teats (AF-TE104) are protected by a teat guard to increase teat life. Each Stall feeds up to 35 calves and can be located up to 7m from the Control Unit offering location flexibility. A status light on the top right corner informs you if the calf is feeding (constant light) or has consumed their allocated amount (flashing light). 

Key Features:
  • Robust and durable.

  • Anti-backing bars.

  • Easy to clean.






S4 Evolution Automatic Calf Feeder - Feed Stall

Dimensions (mm):

1449 D x 510 W x 1000 H


Up to 35 Calves


46 KG


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