HMI Touchscreen

Our 7 Inch touch screen has a user-friendly interface and is simple to navigate. Calves are assigned to a predefined Feed Curve relative to their nutritional requirements, based on their age, breed, health and rearing objectives. The Evolution permits the daily feed allowance to be increased, maintained or reduced thus adapting to the calf’s individual nutritional needs as it progresses towards weaning. For optimum performance we recommend tailoring individual Feed Curves with your local Nutritionist.

The feed performance of the calf is consistently monitored by a traffic light system. It quickly identifies calves not meeting their pre-assigned feed curve and highlights them for closer inspection. There are 7 customisable feed curves to choose from which can be changed as often as you wish to increase/decrease feed intake or to increase/decrease the days allowed on each curve.



Home Screen

The S2 and the S4 have the same software package that is user friendly for the main operator or staff or any family who may be working on the farm.

The home screen is symbolised by the house icon at the bottom of the page. Here you will see your active Feed Stalls. Pressing the Home button at any time will bring you back to this page. This page gives you visual information on the calf that is feeding, its tag number, number of days the calf has been using the machine, the feed rate and the portion the calf is due.


Calf Overview Screen

Pressing the calf icon will bring you to the calf info page. On this page you can see the calf tag numbers on the left hand side column, Feed Stall number, the name of the Feed Curve, the days that the calves have been on the curve and the live feed history of the calves. The history is displayed using a traffic light system. The Green traffic light symbol indicates that the calf has consumed their full allocation of milk. The Red traffic light symbol indicates the calf has missed their feed or has consumed less than 95% of their allocation.

The Amber traffic light symbol is only evident in the column labelled This Period. This indicates that the calf has not yet drank its allocation but has adequate time to do so. In the above screen we can see calf number 511 has missed 3 consecutive feeds and therefore has not consumed its allocated amount. It is highly possible that this calf may look and act healthy, however this calf needs to be inspected and the Evolution has brought this to your attention.

Select the Feed History icon to see how much the calf was allocated in each feed period and how much they drank. This screen also gives you more detailed information on what the calf should have consumed and what the calf actually consumed.


Feed Curve Screen

You have access to 7 customisable feed curves, these feed curves can be changed as often as you wish to increase/decrease feed intake or increase/decrease the number of days allowed on each curve.

The above screen is an example of a dairy curve. The left-hand side of the graph shows Litres consumed and along the bottom the total days the calf is on the curve. The calf follows the Green line from day 1 to the end date (in this curve is 80 days). On this curve the calf starts at 4 Litres for roughly 3 days and then the volume starts to increase. By day 12 the calves are at full feed of 6 Litres per day until day 62 after-which the weaning process begins before weaning off at day 80.

The Blue line is the assigned portion per day. On this curve the calf is being fed 3 times per day. By selecting the Edit Curve on the right hand side of the screen the User can change the starting volume, full feed volume, weaning volume, alter the days the calf is being fed at the start period, ramp up period, full feed period, ramp down period and weaning period.